We do exactly what our name implies - we service your drain DIRECTLY, without the middle-man


 When it comes to replacing floors or windows - we plan ahead. Drain problems, on the other hand, arise unexpectedly and can become a real emergency that needs to be taken care of right away. In a rush, you search for companies that can fix your problem without looking into the issue itself. Large companies provide a large variety of services, anywhere from snaking and power washing (which are temporary solutions) to replacing the broken part of the pipe or the whole line to prevent reoccurrence in the future. If the prices for a temporary solution can be quite manageable, when it comes to replacement of the pipes etc. the prices can be surprisingly high.

 The reasons behind industry's high prices for such services include the need of manual labour, to dig deep in the ground (sometimes up to 14 feet in depth) using the shovels and jackhammers for extra cleanliness and accuracy to avoid even the minimal damage. These types of serious repairs bring the most revenue to any drain company. Many free services, such as camera inspection etc. are offered to sweeten the deal. Technicians, all of them being professional salesmen, will pursue a client to sign contract and afterwards the Drain Contractors, that companies hire to work for them, will come in to do physical labour itself. We have worked with some of the major drain companies in Toronto, and have proven our skills and professionalism over time, and now, we would like to prove it to you - directly!

Drain Repair Crew

Drain Contractors Direct is a Repair Crew. If you have a drain back up in your home and a timely resolution is needed, we can help - DIRECTLY and save you thousands on contractor's pricing!

Services that we provide:

  1. Drain spot repair
    If a camera inspection shows that a drain back-up has been caused by cloged drain or a shifted pipe at one spot, then replacing the broken part of the pipe is referred to as the drain spot repair.
  2. Full line replacement
    If due to a camera inspection a drain clog has been spotted in a number of different places, to resolve this issue, only 2 excavations will be needed for straight line of pipe to be replaced for up to 75 feet
  3. Trenchless Drain Replacement
    Trenchless Drain replacement is complete with the use of special equiplement, known as pipe bursting system
  4. Backwater Valve Installation
    While cities and municipalities work relentlessly to clean and inspect sewer main lines, it is still possible for a sewer main to plug up and allow water and sewage to flow into the dwellings it serves
  5. Sump Pump Installation
    Installing a sump pump can be an effective way to keep water from accumulating in the basement

Payment information: